Restaurant Development

We will manage and facilitate the bidding process of both general contractor and equipment purchases to ensure that the best qualified and best suited are selected.

  • Preparation of Bid List of Qualified Contractors
  • Invitation to Bid
  • Schedule Site Pre-Bid Inspections
  • Coordinate and Review all Proposals
  • Contractor Interviews
  • Assist in Contract Negotiation

Permit / Licenses

We can assist architects, contractors, restaurateurs, and developers with the most complicated task and time consuming process of obtaining the following permits / approvals and also consult with various city agencies.

-Building Permit – Interior Alteration                           -Historical Preservation
-Building Permit – New construction                            -Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC)
-Alcohol license Permits-state & City                             -Food & Business Licenses
-Demo Permits Interior                                                     -Certificate of Occupancy
-Public Space (Café seating)                                             -Food Handler Certification
-Waivers                                                                               -Raze Permit (Demolition)
-Storm Water Management                                             -Commission of Fine Arts
-Zoning                                                                                 -Third Party Plan Review
-Board of Zoning Adjustment                                          -Third Party Inspections

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